Friday, May 29, 2009

A goal


So with my first 5K coming up in a few short weeks, I was asked by my trainer the if I'd given any thought to running more races after that one. I said I thought I would probably like to and it got me thinking about my future in running. I've come to really enjoy getting out, lacing up my shoes, and working up a good sweat. Fast forward to today when I saw an ad for the Philadelphia Marathon in one of my magazines, but there wasn't just the marathon, there was the half marathon and an 8K. How cool would it be to go run something like that? It got me thinking and an idea was hatched, a goal to do 5K's in each of the 50 United States. Maybe over time it won't always be a 5K, and I'm hoping to gradually increase the length of my races. But the goals as it stands is to do at least one 5K in each state. I'm looking forward to getting started, it should be a great adventure!