Sunday, February 7, 2010

10 miles? No go.


Today I didn't run 10 miles. I was supposed to, but eh, it was one of those days. I opted to do 2 hours on the elliptical instead. Yes, I know elliptical running is nothing like outdoor running. However, at this point, it seems to be more about the endurance to be able to run 13 miles than anything else so I figured it would have to do. I'll do 10 next weekend or maybe 11, who knows. I'm trying really hard not to feel too guilty about "skipping" a long run. Maybe I'm just incredibly intimidated by the fact that it's my first ever double digit run? Regardless, I'm sure next weekend I'll rock it and all will be well. It will, right?

Monday, February 1, 2010



9 miles. In the books. Saturday's sunshine lured me out and I did it. It wasn't pretty, and it wasn't fast, and I had to lie to myself, but it's done and over with. :) I hit 7 miles and told myself, only two more to go and I'd get to 7 miles, and that I'd done 7 miles before so this was going to be cake. I obviously knew I was running miles 8 and 9, but to be honest it really helped mentally to pretend they were miles 6 and 7. At the end of the run I realized if I'd only gone 4 more miles, I would have done a half. Which, is crazy.

Stats for the run
1 Hour, 48 minutes, a handful of seconds

The best part, I wasn't as beat as after last week's run. That and the fact I don't have to do another long distance run until next weekend, whoo hoo! :)