Wednesday, February 2, 2011

An arm workout with a little Plyo X


So, today we were blessed with the mother of all gifts, not only 16" of snow, but a SNOW DAY! It was amazing. We snuggled in and waited until the snow stopped this afternoon to start digging out. Having not made that investment in a snow blower yet (ughhhh), both of us grabbed our shovels and headed out. Or at least attempted to. We were stopped at our front door, by this:

So we shoveled out our walk, and started on the driveway, when our neighbor uttered the most magical of words, "Would you guys like to borrow our snow blower?" The sky opened, rays of sunshine rained down, the birds were singing, in short, our neighbor should be knighted or sainted or whatever for sharing it with us. Life. Saver. So Rex took on the machine and I kept shoveling away. About an hour and a half later, we were dug out. Talk about an arm workout. Here are a few more pics that don't even do it justice, seriously awe inspiring. I feel like a little kid given the best Christmas gift ever.

The Front Walk

Buried Car

Some Handsome Guy Who Stopped to Shovel ;)

More Snow

So then, since I've made this commitment to P90X, I went ahead with my Plyometrics workout for the night. I was really dragging by the end, but it was so worth it. I feel great. Now if only they'd give me another snow day tomorrow...