Saturday, September 12, 2009

So I finally went for a run...


Over Labor Day, I headed out one fine morning at the cabin. It seemed like the time and the perfect place to go. I had my hip little running skirt on and a fun green top, my nike+, my iPod, and was ready to rock and roll. One problem...that long looped shoe lace when it connected with the stick, which connected with my foot, which took me out. In my mind it looked like a scene from a movie, slow motion style. Witness the magnificent beast yelling "NOoOoOoOOOo" and knees hitting, followed by elbows and a short skid. I should mention this happened not even 50 yards into my run. Luckily, no one witnessed it.

I stood back up, and started the damage check. Obviously no broken bones. (Good) Knees only slightly scraped. (Even better) Clothes easily brushed off, no clingy dirt. (Nice) Left elbow, a few minor abrasions and bleeding. (Not bad) In my head I started the debate, was nature trying to tell me something? Aka, go back to the cabin, eat a cookie, put on your suit and go be lazy by the lake? Or should I suck it up and move on? I decided that since I was only bleeding from one location, it obviously meant I should continue on my way. I carefully tucked the offending shoe laces into my shoes and headed off.

It was a nice cool morning for a run, light traffic, and things were going swell. I asked myself multiple times as I headed to the turn around point, "See, aren't you glad you stuck it out and went for it?" I started back toward the cabin when I heard the ominous words broadcast through my ear buds..."Sensor signal has been lost." Sure enough it had. No more sensor tucked in my sock. I looked around, no sensor in sight. I turned and re-walked my route for a good 50 yards, nothing. I walked back forward, nothing. Back and forth, and back and forth. I'm sure the cars thought I was a crazy; let's take stock-girl with a bleeding elbow, dirt stuck on her knees, huffing and puffing, bright red and sweating pacing the same stretch of road. Back and forth, back and forth. Sounds crazy to me.

Alas, I didn't find the sensor. Tucking it in my sock has never been a problem before, but that day was the day. Luckily it's not too expensive to replace. Sighing, I cranked up the tunes and headed the rest of the way back. Stretched, then headed down to the lake to take off my shoes and dangle my feet in. It was heaven. Not a ripple on the surface, no boats. Absolutely beautiful, and I realized, that klutz prone run, had been TOTALLY worth it.