Friday, June 5, 2009

A trial run

Last night I arrived at my trainer's house ready for our usual "pre-workout" jog/walk. We set out at a nice pace, chatting about what's been happening in our lives lately. We hit the point where we usually make a turn right to round out the mile loop back to her house, and she says, "We're headed left tonight." Something was amiss. About 30 seconds later she told me we were going to run a nice little 5K before training. Oh Wow. Surprisingly it flew by pretty quickly, I was able to keep chatting for the early part of it, and could give one sentence responses and ask questions until closer to the end. That last little bit though, I started to get pretty tired but it was SO worth it. My time, 30 minutes and 15 seconds. It's amazing what the body can accomplish considering I've only been really running outdoors for 7 weeks now. I'm hoping to come in at 30 minutes or below next Saturday and will be excited to have my first official 5K in the books.