Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Soooo about this running thing...

Who's been a slacker in the posting department? That'd be me. I have continued with my running, although I've found myself REALLY missing my running group. I guess it's the whole social aspect of it all. It was a really great group of people to get to run with on a weekly basis. Such is life though, and I've kept on going. With the crazy hot temps last week, I decided a run in the 90 degree weather wasn't going to happen. So I did my running indoors on our elliptical, and focused on intervals. Lower ramp and resistance for 30 seconds, then a higher incline and higher resistance for 2 minutes and did this for 50 minutes. I can definitely feel myself getting stronger and more accustomed to it. I'll drag Rex out for interval running Thursday night, and then Saturday I'm hoping to get a long run in outside up at the cabin. :)

Today, I had my weekly workout with Erin, and we started with our outdoor "warm up" as usual. It felt like we were definitely going a bit faster than usual, and at the end of it we'd gone 2.25 miles and the best a 9:30 pace!!! I am geeked and just had to share. I'm not sure if I could keep that up for a whole 5K, but hope to be able to at some point in the near future. On other running news, I haven't signed up to run my next 5K yet, but have been looking at a few different ones. Not sure which state to tackle next, probably Illinois or Indiana...something close by and drivable? We'll have to wait and see. Other fun things...I bought an arm strap for my iPod on Amazon last night, and am going to pick up the Nike+ today! It will be nice to have something give me actual data on how far I've gone and what my pace is, I can't wait! Off to do some shopping, happy running everyone! :)


mbelknap5 said...

What is the Nike+? It sounds interesting and something I could use. I ran in the insane temps last week and it was NOT made the right choice to workout indoors. Congrats on the faster pace!!