Wednesday, October 21, 2009

Getting back to it...

Well, it won't be a new state, but it's definitely going to be a new challenge. A friend conned me into signing up to run the Turkey Trot which takes place Thanksgiving morning. To be honest it didn't take too much to convince me. We spent the day Sunday watching and cheering my brother on in his first marathon, and it was AMAZING. A bit of big sister bragging on him...he completed it in 4 hours and 1 minute! That's pretty sweet stuff. The energy that morning, the pure determination, it made me really miss running. So I really didn't hesitate to sign up for the run, the big challenge will be the weather. It's going to be pretty chilly come the end of November here in Michigan, so that should definitely add an interesting twist. I started working on my training plan this morning, since I only have 5 short weeks I've really go to get moving on it. This means re-buying my lost sensor for the Nike+ instead of waiting 'til Christmas and hoping for it then. Maybe this will actually force me to write a few more blog posts, eh?