Friday, January 8, 2010


So, never really being a "runner" or walking the sidewalks of GR frequently in the winter before, I never realized what a royal P.I.T.A. it is when sidewalks don't get shoveled. Don't get me wrong, I understand people have to work and can't get to it right away, but man. Running hills is KILLER in snow, even with the amazingly talented screw shoes. My legs are like spaghetti and I'm spent after today's run, I even gave in a couple of times and hit the street to give myself a break. So, the PSA...please, pretty please shovel your sidewalks, the runners in your neighborhood will thank you. :)

On a somewhat unrelated note...they posted pics of what our "bling" from crossing the finish line in Dallas is going to look like...

I'm impressed, though not quite sure what I'll do with it yet...I'm sure it would dress up my everyday work wear, don't you think? ;)


Erik Birchman said...

Now that is some nifty bling! Hope the sidewalks get better, I hear ya on that being a massive P.I.T.A