Saturday, January 9, 2010

The Mapping of a Run

So, Nike+, you're not as accurate as I wished you to be. No worries, you're still a good time, but I've come to rely on another handy tool for "mileage accuracy" on this crazy endeavor, Love it. Although, when I was mapping out tomorrow's 5 miler, I realized just how far 5 miles really is. It's LONG. And my long Sunday runs are only going to get longer from here on out. How the heck am I going to find a route for 12 miles? One that includes places for a quick potty breaks, etc...I'm sure it'll all work out somehow. Wish me luck on my 5 tomorrow. :)


mbelknap5 said...

Good luck, Monica, and thanks for the info about mapping runs. Also, I hear you on the shoveled/plowed never realize/appreciate them until you exercise outdoors in the winter.